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The Vanuatu Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association (VDPA) is the national Disabled People’s Organization (DPO) of Vanuatu. The VDPA was established on 4th April 1999 with the mandate to advocate for rights and promote abilities of people with disabilities in Vanuatu.
On 13th September 2002, The VDPA was formally registered as a charitable organization with the Financial Services Commission. The VDPA has contributed significantly to advancing the rights of people with disabilities through the development of 28 affiliate groups, which work to raise awareness and advocate for disability inclusion – at the community level around Vanuatu. Regionally, the VDPA is a member of the Pacific Disability Forum (the regional umbrella body for Pacific Disabled People’s Organizations). Between 2013 and 2017 VDPA has partnered with a number of organizations to implement disability inclusive development activities in the country, most notably working nationally with the Government of Vanuatu towards the signing and ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Person with Disability (CRPD) in 2008 (the first Pacific nation to do so). The VDPA has a positive and proactive working relationship with the Government of Vanuatu, in particular the Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MJCS), who currently hosts the Disability Desk, the Government of Vanuatu’s national disability coordination mechanism.


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Meet The VDPA Team

nellie caleb vdpa
Nelly Caleb
National Coordinator

Nellie Caleb is the National Coordinator for the Vanuatu Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association (VDPA). Aunty Nellie has built her career supporting people with a disability, like herself, to overcome the challenges she has faced as part of everyday life in Vanuatu. Nellie is a passionate advocate for change and is seeing important changes in women and girls and with the support of VDPA are willing to have their voices heard with

Nesther Nemtaken
Team member

Nesther Nemtaken, VDPA Vanuatu

John Sese
Team member

John Sese, VDPA Vanuatu

Anna Varegali
Team Member

Anna Varegali, VDPA Luganville Vanuatu


Disability advocacy is available to people with a disability living in Vanuatu. Advocacy provides assistance and support to ensure that the rights of people with disability are upheld as valued members of the community, can actively participate in decision making processes (particularly those where the outcomes impact on their lives), and the needs and views of people with disability are presented to government, service providers and the broader community.


Including people with disabilities in everyday activities and encouraging them to have roles similar to their peers who do not have a disability is disability inclusion. This involves more than simply encouraging people; it requires making sure that adequate policies and practices are in effect in a community or organization. The VDPA works tirelessly to ensure that all persons living with a disability are included in all aspects of society.


Please consider a donation to the Vanuatu Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association. All money raised goes directly to supporting persons living with a disability in Vanuatu.

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