Strategic Objectives

The Vanuatu Disability Promotion Advocacy Association (VDPA) has the four (4) following strategic objectives in advancing the rights of persons with a disability in Vanuatu.

Strategic Objective 1

To ensure strong and coordinated awareness-raising and advocacy to stakeholders at the community, provincial, national and international level on the rights of people with disabilities in line with the CRPD

Strategic Objective 3

To ensure communities understand the rights and abilities of people with disabilities and that people with disabilities have support groups and can advocate for their rights

Strategic Objective 2

To strengthen the capacities of government, CSOs and NGOs to involve and address the rights and needs of people with disabilities in programs, policies and plans

Strategic Objective 4

To be an effective, reliable and well-known organization that can fulfill its mandate as the national organization of and for people with disabilities in Vanuatu

Objective 1 - Strategies

1. Develop and implement an awareness-raising strategy on disability rights
2. Support the Government of Vanuatu to understand and enact their obligations under the CRPD through involvement in the Disability Desk and supporting implementation of the new Vanuatu National Disability Inclusive Development Policy
3. Conduct advocacy and monitoring of CRPD implementation through submission of shadow and other reports, and provision of review and input into policies, laws and guidelines
4. Strengthen links with Area Councils, Provincial Disability Committees, and Provincial Disability Officers in the provinces through VDPA affiliates
5. Coordinate with disability stakeholders to strengthen joint advocacy through key bodies such as the Vanuatu Civil Society Disability Network
6. Advocate for the development of a Vanuatu National Sign Language
7. Advocate on ‘nothing about us without us’, ensuring that people with disabilities are involved in all decisions and processes that affect them

Objective 2 - Strategies

1. Develop strong relationships with government, CSO and NGO stakeholders
2. Provide awareness-raising, capacity development and advice to stakeholders
3. Continue to develop joint projects with disability stakeholders
4. Support stakeholders with disability inclusion within VDPA’s areas of sectoral
expertise, including disability inclusion Disaster Risk Reduction and the rights
of women and girls with disabilities
5. Link partners with VDPA members to enable people with disabilities to
meaningfully participate in programs and opportunities
6. Advocate to the Ministry of Justice and Community Services to implement national
coordination mechanisms, including the National Disability Committee monthly meetings
7. Advocate for increased Provincial Disability budget for disability inclusion

Objective 3 - Strategies

1. People with disabilities raise awareness in communities about disability rights,
and encourage people with disabilities to become members of VDPA
through affiliate groups
2. Set up new affiliate groups in areas where there is currently no VDPA affiliate
(with the aim to have an affiliate group in every province)
3. Support the establishment and strengthening of impairment and
gender-specific affiliate groups
4. Provide capacity development support to VDPA affiliates to raise awareness
and advocate in their communities for disability rights according to the CRPD
5. Source funding to support the advocacy work of VDPA affiliates
6. Broker relationships between VDPA affiliates and key focal bodies in the
provinces and communities

Objective 4 - Strategies

1. Strengthen VDPA governance through additional support to the board and
increasing the frequency of meetings to 4-5 meetings per year
2. Develop a board and financial manual
3. Strengthen human resource management through development of a staff manual,
delegation of tasks and to local staff and strengthening the capacity of local staff
4. Strengthen operational systems to enable an effective and efficient way of working
5. Create an ongoing/established VDPA presence in the capital Port Vila
6. Build the pool of applicants with disabilities who can carry out staff positions,
and provide reasonable accommodations for staff members with disabilities
7. Clearly articulate and communicate VDPA’s role to stakeholders
8. Work towards a more diversified and ongoing base of funding sources
9. Continue to advocate for Government to co-fund VDPA
10. Develop an annual implementation plan for VDPA, including monitoring
and evaluation strategies