Human Right To Information

Human Right To Information

The Vanuatu Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association (VDPA) National Coordinator, Nellie Caleb attended a panel discussion as part of the Pacific Peoples Advocacy for Change project targeting “Human Right to Information”.

VDPA National Coordinator, Nellie Caleb attended a panel discussion as part of the Pacific Peoples Advocacy for Change project targeting “Human Right to Information”, a programme for the Agriculture Certificate 1V and Diploma Students of 2019. They discussed about partnership for a project or support for help with a community initiative, and so on.

(Below is a part of National Coordinator’s speech given during the session.)
Olsem mi bin talem mifla gat 28 local DPO’s long 6 province across Vanuatu but hemia i no inaf.
Yumi nidim moa long establishem mo long diffren area’s time yumi talem se 28 hemi no minim long malo be mifala setemap 4 no mifala setemap 2 no mo from 2 area council mifala from ol area council nomo blong setemap wan DPO.

So mifala gat 28 over long youth and sapos tingting blong yu se no mi luk se long community blong mi ia gat fulap people wetem disability mi wantem se yumi setemap long DPO long ples ia mo yu yet bae yu kam long office yu toktok wetem mifala.

Bae mifala save faenem some fund blong mifala save kam blong yumi save setemap DPO togeta.
Sapos yu ting se no mi luk se no oli stap mekem wan man we i gat disability oli stap mekem nogud hem taem yumi tokbaot right oli no luk save raet blo olgeta sapos yu ting se yumi mekem wan awareness.
So yu kam talem bae yumi save go togeta blo planem wan day blong yumi save go togeta blong yumi save mekem wan awareness from se i gat long ol area olsem mi talem fulap abus fulap discrimination mo long ol right blong people wetem disability hemi minim tree someting nomo taem yu excludim some wan insaet long wan decision-making o yu excludim hemi stap outside yu stap insaet wan exclusion yu tekem hem yu tritim hemi differently distinction and ten narawan restriction hemi min se respectem.
Yu stap insaet ia oli neva kam out ia i gat fulap oli stap long dark cona blo olgeta oli stap insaet oli never kamaot so yu discriminetem hem na so sapos yu ting se no VDPA kam mekem awareness o yumi mas go lo public blo talem se yes pikinini blong yu gat right blong save kamaot mo i gat right blong move around i no se i stap insaet long house oltaem wetem project sapos tingting se mi wantem mekem wan project wetem VDPA.

Plis yu no kam long medel blong disigne blong project yu kam lo beginning blo project yumi toktok togeta fulap taem.

I gat ol patners oli jes kam se mifala wantem patners wetem VDPA i stap lo medel finis oli apply from funding finis and then taem mifala se we hem share blong 5 blong mifala long funding ia after oli se sori.
I gat limited mani nomo so mifla no wantem because mifala to stap struggle mifala to government no co-fundem mifla so mifala go fundraise blo organisation blo mifala stap operate i go so mifala i gat fulap long plate blong mifala finis so mifala insaet long office.

I gat sapos yu lukluk behaen Ryoko hemi stap olsem communication officer and Courtney hemi stap olsm intens officer hemi kam blong mekem some practical work insaet long office blong mekem se long future any job opportunity mifala save ok recommendem name blong hemi go and then mifala gat wan project officer mifala gat wan programe officer mo mifla gat wan support officer so at the moment mifala nogat any volunteers long VSA but mifala gat wan AVI volunteer hemi stap long Australia naoia and volunteer Ryoko hemi stap olsem Jica volunteer so hemia nao mifla gat very limited staff and i gat fulap long plates blong mifala vinis sapos yu tingting se mifala wantem partner wetem yufala plis kam lo beginning mifala no wantem se yu apply from funding mo yu kam sek we work togeta nomo hemi mi stap talem fulap staff ia se mifala fulap o talem se oli nogat mani be oli gat fulap staff mifla patner wetem Vanuatu skill partnership.

That’s way mifla nogat inaf programme officer mo some time disability inclution officer blong tvet Vanuatu skill partnership narawan lo side blong DRF the project office DRF disability right fund hemi fundem hem and yumi gat wan we hemi stap olsem world vision staff long side long wash progame hemi wan bigfala project we hemi targetem long woman mo oli talem water for woman project mo some time oli targetem ol woman wetem disability.

So that’s why mifala gat disability inclution office to long world vision so hemi we mi mi talem every something blong yu kam early yumi stat designem togeta blo mifala talem se mifala mo save karem i kam from mifala karem lots lo plate mifala wantem disability inclusion officer blomg hemi kam blong hemi targetem project ia no mo before that ating mi no bin talem mifala to gat child protection policy ol volunteer blong ol DPO long diffren area we mifala gat child protection policy and olso mifla work oli no save sapos oli no saenem code of conduct.

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